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Name: Jennifer
Age: 24
Occupation: Genealogist
Favorite food: I love it all

[01] Harry Potter
[02] LOTR
[03] Harry Dresden
[04] Anything

[01] ROTK EE
[02] Angel Season 4
[03] Buffy Season 7
[04] Firefly

[02]The Lair
[03]Enigmatic Blue
[04]The Leaky Cauldron
[05]James Marsters



Buffy n Spike


As with a lot of stories, Buffy has its own special 'language' - 'Slayspeak'. So, here are the main terms: The Slayer: In every generation there is a slayer. She alone will stand against the vampires and demons (this is actually said at the beginning of every episode).

Watcher: Every slayer has a watcher who researches events and their dates and generally looks after the slayer.
Dusted: When a vampire is reduced to dust ie dead.
Sire: The vampire who made another vampire ie, in the case of Angel and Drusilla, Angel made Drusilla a vampire, therefore he is her sire.
Feeding: When a vampire is feeding off a human's blood.
Host: A human who is being fed off by a vampire, and they are then as good as dead, if not actually turning in to a vampire themselves.
The Hellmouth: This is, to quote Giles, 'a mystical convergence'.

This layout is based on the Fanfic 'Falling Debris', whose main character is Spike from popular TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
The graphics used on this site were altered with ADOBE PHOTOSHOP. The font is SCRIPTINA courtesy of FONTS.COM

. 10:05 pm .

So lately I've been in a weird mood. I've been re-reading some Spuffy fic. It's fun because it's like coming back to an old friend I haven't seen in forever. But a lot of my favorite ones aren't online anymore. It makes me sad. Sad that I can't read them again, and also sad and nostalgic for the good old Buffy obsessed days, lol. Good times.

. 10:51 am .
update, kind of...

So I don't post on here a lot, mostly because I'm just not into fandom anymore. But I have a real life blog that I try to post to. Anyways, I just got back from my big fat Greek vacation, and I've started blogging about it, with pictures! So if you are interested, here it is...

. 4:44 pm .
I feel like shit....

So I am posting this to vent and to talk about something I did.

Today at work, a guy came in and bought "What to expect when you're expecting." I recognized him as the brother-in-law of my old supervisor/friend. I worked with her and her sister for three years. We talked about everything. When my sister became pregnant with my nephew, I would talk about it with them. And they were so jealous because they don't have any nieces or nephews, and would tell me so. This is the back story.

Here is the mistake. I was excited for them. So I texted the one and asked her if her sister was pregnant. Turns out her sister and brother-in-law hadn't told anyone. I feel like a horrible person. Scummiest scum that ever lived lived on a rock in a stagnant pond. I had the thought before I did it, that I probably shouldn't. But I did anyways. I was curious and happy for them. Plus I suffer from foot in mouth disease. After I sent the text, I wished I could take it back. But I couldn't, so I went back to work.

Her brother-in-law called the store and complained. I got talked to. It makes me so mad! I could have gotten in serious trouble about it! But then I feel even worse for thinking this because they should be mad. They wanted to keep it a secret and hadn't told anyone yet, and I ruined that for them. But this is my only job, my only source of insurance. What if my big mouth had ruined it? Why couldn't my friend call me and chew me out? Why did they have to involve my job? It's because I was unprofessional, and should have kept my mouth shut. But it's not like I signed a confidentiality clause, right? I don't know. I can't even apologize because the guy told my boss that he didn't want anyone to try and fix it. And I don't want to cause more problems. And some people just laugh and say it's not a big deal, other people tell me that it's bad and I should have thought about it.

This is just such a humbling moment for me. I'm not a bad person right?

. 8:11 am .
Responsible Jen just had a heart attack and died...

So I know I haven't posted in a while. I don't even know if people read my posts anymore. Oh well, I'm still going to do it on occasion.

I'm dealing with unemployment pretty well. I finally started getting unemployment checks after my severance ran out. Though, I had to use the entire thing to pay my taxes this year. Working two jobs pushed me over my tax bracket, I guess. That really sucked. At least I had the money, right?

I have been loving hanging out with my new nephew, Oliver. He is stinking cute, and generally just enjoying only having a part time job.

Now for the big news. So I've been saving up for a big European vacation for a few years now, and so I had some money in savings when I got laid off. I told myself I wasn't allowed to go anymore. I could use that money for real life stuff. Well, I shut that part of me up and bought a ticket to Greece and Paris yesterday. It was $747. Expensive, but not. Last year when my friend and I looked at tickets it was more like $1300. So we did it. And then both wanted to throw up. We are both unemployed and should be using our money for other things.

Oh well...I'm going to Greece!

. 9:38 am .
Now what?

So I was laid off yesterday. I've worked at this job for almost 3 years. It was a great opportunity and it gave me a chance to find myself again. It wasn't perfect, and there was no way I could stay there forever, but with the economy the way it is, I was going to just stick it out. I didn't hate it, I loved the people I worked with, and I was happy to be there. But it was a non-profit foundation. I knew when I took the job, that I would probably lose it when the main rich guy died. But everyone assured me that he was going to leave money for us in his will. Well, he died last year. No money for us. We were at the whim of him family who are now in charge of the money. Well last June, we found out our budget was cut from 8 million, to 4 million. Loads of people got laid off. I made it through, though. Then I found out a few weeks ago it got cut again. 4 million to 1.2. Yeah, do that math. People are getting laid off. I thought I might be safe. I was the 4th genealogist in seniority. But I guess that didn't matter. There was one girl who did a little bit better than me in numbers.

All of this gives me several different emotions. Anger. How come this other girl gets to keep her job? She didn't do much better than me. Well, maybe she deserves it because she does kill herself. I never saw the point. That leads to the second emotion. Guilt. I feel like a loser. Maybe if I had killed my self, I would still have a job. Now what do I do? I have to work part time at Barnes and Noble. I don't hate it, but it's not my favorite thing to do. Not to mention I get $8 an hour. Then there is excitement. Now I have to figure out what to do with my life. I have no clue, but I can do whatever I want. I don't really have any debt. I can do whatever. And lastly, I'm just stressed and freaked. This is a huge change. What do I do? There are really no jobs out there. And I don't even know what I want. I liked my job. I worked with my friends for almost 3 years. It's kind of horrible. Honestly, I'm kind of glad I got the boot yesterday. I would hate to be sitting at my desk right now, knowing that all the cool, fun people are gone. Which, all of us that got laid off are. It was horrible to be the ones that survived last time. The great feeling the Foundation had was gone. I can only imagine how tough it is now.

I'm also really grateful. I was in a horrible place 4 years ago. I didn't really like myself or my life. But I think that the Foundation was where I was supposed to be. I was able to go to two conferences, meet some great people. Travel a lot. I came out of my bitter, angry shell and become the person I am now. Hopefully with time, these feelings of being a loser will all fade and I'll just have good memories. Maybe I'll have a fun summer of playing with my new nephew, actually losing weight now that I have the time. And just have the time to enjoy life. Something I haven't really been able to do in 5 years. That was the last time I had any time off from a job. Plus, I've been working two jobs for almost two years. I have no idea what free time is! This will be good for me. I know it. Now I just have to feel it.

. 9:19 pm .
Well Done

Very classy, McCain. Very Classy. Way to take it like a decent, human being.

. 8:59 pm .
History in the making

I have to admit, I'm crying a little....

. 7:07 pm .
Change you can believe in...

I voted today. I really, REALLY want to believe that he will be able to do every thing that he says. I hope that I'm just being overly-cynical and that good things can still happen and that our government isn't beyond repair. And I hope that it doesn't turn into something where military bases get closed and my parent's lose their jobs (which almost happened the last time a Democrat was in office). But I'm not going to think about that. I just have to vote for what I believe to be the best choice no matter the outcome.

As I watched Obama's half hour message tonight, I just really want it all to be true and I know well chosen words, and music helps, but I was really moved and for that half hour I believed that it can change and get better.

I don't know if any of this makes sense. But I've been following this election obsessively and researching, studying, and weighing the options, and I'm a little bit exhausted and just overwhelmed with so many opinions and thoughts. Now I just want to sit back and watch history in the making.

. 8:28 am .
Brought to you by the letters H and P...Hormones and Politcal retardedness

Seriously, I hate right-wing nuts. I can respect an independent that decides to vote Republican because they agree with the issues, but people who vote Republican just because they are from Utah drives me insane.

See, I have this co-worker who thinks she knows everything. She's the type that believes the email forwards stating that Obama didn't put his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance and thinks that him having the middle name of Hussain means he has ties with terrorists. And even worse, is she likes to get into it with me about politics all the freaking time.

This morning she decides to tell me that she thinks Palin would make a great president and as Governor of Alaska has a lot of foreign experience because of the oil they produce and being neighbors with Canada. Forget that Palin never even had a passport until last year. Freak, freak, FREAK.

I don't tell her she's wrong, so why would she tell me that I'm wrong. I already know she thinks I'm a liberal nut because I believe in a woman's right to choose. Even if I wasn't voting for Obama anyways, I'd vote for him just to spite her and close-minded views. UGH!!!

. 1:41 pm .

Thanks for all the birthday wishes from my f-list. It's amazing how even thought I'm not as active in the online community I still have friends who care!

I had a great birthday. I went on vacation with my two friends to Oregon and San Francisco. It was great. I called it our Celebration of singlehood trip. Great times!

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